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Assisted Living of Colorado is here to help with all your assisted living needs in Colorado. Walk with us to help make the transition to assisted living easier for elderly and needy adults. We help select the right residential senior group home or traditional style facility for your loved one. Whether suffering from depression or need help remembering to take your medications, it may be time to seek some professional help. Ask us what you need to do for assisted living in Colorado. We have the right group home or traditional facility for your loved one. 303-772-3122
We have all the homes / facilities and specific information you need to make the right selection for a loved one...

Senior Assistances on The Front Range of Colorado

Assisted Living of Colorado continues to reflect our deep devotion, consideration, and concern for those seeking care and their family members. We reflect a true sense of community resulting from personal connections as our devotion is what distinguishes us while making a difference in peoples lives. Residents enjoy life with constant support for changing needs and a continuum for peace of mind. Residential Senior Group Homes, Traditional Assisted Living and Memory Care Home Reviews for Colorado Families.

The Assisted Living of Colorado Family Care and Support Network is made up of a diverse group of individuals and agencies with varing backgrounds and life experiences in the health care industry. In our opinion, no other assisted living provider has such enthusiastic, hardworking and devoted personnel to making people's lives better.

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Assisted Living & Memory Care Referrals & Assistances in Colorado
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Advisor & Assistance Expectations - What to Expect

* Ready Telephone or in-Person Consultations with Your Elder Care Advisor

* Immediate Answering and Returning of Phone Calls

* Same Day Referral (typical 2 hour turn around)

* Quick but Comprehensive Pre-assessments

* Alzheimer's / Memory Care / Secured Facilities

* Personalized Tours Upon Request

* Geographic and Specific Requests (Large, Medium and Small Homes - SPECIAL NEEDS)

* Transitional and Moving Support

* Warm & Welcoming at ALL times

* Personal Advisor - One Advisor, One Family

* Follow-ups - Holding your Hand through the Entire Process

* We can answer virtually ANY question about assisted living and WE CUT THROUGH THE RED TAPE

* Unbiased and Straight Forward Advisory on EVERY Facility in Denver Metro

* We are Available and Prompt, 7 days a week - 12+ Hours a Day! + After hours, Most Holidays

* Assisted Living & Independent Living Referral

* CO Assisted Living Facility / Home Specialists
- Any Question - Types of Funding (VA, Insurance, Medicaid, Etc.), Layouts, Planning, Availability, Styles, Locations, Owners, Bad Reports, TOP Facilities, Limitations, High or Low Levels of Care { More Information than You May Have Thought You Needed to be Prepared for Assisted Living}

After initial contact: we take down general information about the person(s) you need to place in assisted living. We pre-assess basic needs and eligibility. Assisted Living of Colorado provides you with the data needed to examine the various types of services and housing options available to your loved one via email within a couple hours. We present you with detailed information prior to scheduling tours to communities. Once the selections have been narrowed your interest to we will schedule tours and accompany you if requested. Most often tours are scheduled so that you can meet directly with facility representatives. When the search has narrowed to 1-2 facilities it is generally good to schedule the next tour as a luncheon, so the overall feel of the community can be appreciated.

Pre-assessment/Assessment: Assisted Living of Colorado's advisor goes through a detailed assessment of the individual’s lifestyle preferences and health care needs. The assessment combined with financial ability allows us to help you reach a decision that ensures the ultimate in personal satisfaction and comfort the first time around.

Referrals in Colorado

General Guidelines on Choosing an Assisted Living Care Home

- Initial Impression

- Does the outward appearance of the facility give you a good feeling?

- Is the location convenient?

- Do residents seem content?

Important Factors

- Are there plenty of activities?

- Are the floors non-skid material?

- What emergency devices are offered? Fee?

- Will the facility help with appointments? How much and how often?

- Are meals flexible - times, choices, special diets?

other options?....

Personal Care Services

- Assistance with medications?

- Pharmacy services?

- Physical therapy available?

- On-site doctors/nurses?

- Transportation provided? Doctor appointments, activities...

Licensure and Certification

Our staff at Assisted Living of Colorado pre-screens all facilities and has personal knowledge of each

- We continuously assess the network to make sure that each facility meets licensing standards (check recent survey)

- Provides ongoing staff training?

- Emphasizes quality of life standards for everyone?

Assisted Living of Colorado, LLC recognizes our responsibility to the community and are proud
to serve the citizens of Colorado by giving you more information than you thought you may need.

It's hard when such major decisions have to be made. You may or may not know if a loved one needs a residential group home or if a traditional facility is the right solution. We are here to help with the entire process of transitioning from independence to allowing new people in your life to deliver you the services that you can no longer do on your own. Safety and security is important for a quality peace of mind. Visit one of our homes and let us show you all of the available choices for assisted living, from host homes, group homes, skilled nursing facilitites, long term care facilities, residential homes, nursing homes and independent living apartments.

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We strive to enrich the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect,
excellence and integrity through a personalized approach.

In the lives of those we assist we are making a difference. . . We continue to be driven by personal experiences, compassion, and care. . .Our respect and dedication continues to open doors. . .There is nothing that gives us more pleasure than bringing warmth and sunshine to the hearts of families. . . Assisted Living of Colorado is here for you. . .

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